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People believe that when Hettinger County is under a burn restriction that there is absolutely no burning.  However, that is not completely true.  The Fire Emergency and Burn Restriction states that there is no burning of any kind when the State Fire Danger Rating Map shows Hettinger County  in HIGH, VERY HIGH, EXTREME or there is a RED FLAG WARNING.  So when the fire index is in LOW or MODERATE you may burn.   When burning is allowed,  you must still be aware that conditions can change and that any time, precautions need to be set in place to ensure a fire does not get out of control. You must be on location of the fire at all times while the fire is burning.

The FIRE EMERGENCY AND BURN RESTRICTION Declaration and the Fire Danger Rating Map  are both found on  The site is updated every morning.

Hettinger County also has a procedure in place for those who want to have a controlled burn on their property.   You need to contact State Radio at either 1-800-472-2121 or 1-701-328-9921 before you begin to burn.  The information that you need to give is the following:
  1. Name
  2. The location of where the burning is taking place
  3. What is being burned i.e. a field, garbage pit, tree piles, etc.  (A small fire such as a campfire, burning barrels, etc. does not need to be called in)
  4. What time you are planning to burn
  5. How long you expect it will take to burn
  6. A contact number where you can be reached
  7. Once the fire is out, you need to contact State Radio to inform them that the  fire is completely out.
State Radio 911 Dispatch notifies the Sheriff’s Office is and the fire chief of that district to let them know where the burn is located.
This allows State Radio to know there is a controlled burn and if someone calls stating that they see a large fire or smoke, State Radio knows that is the area of the controlled burn and will not call out the fire departments unnecessarily.  This procedure will ensure that our voluntary fire departments are not called out unless there is a real emergency.

Sarah D. Warner                                                           Kyle DeMark
Sheriff                                                                                 Emergency Manager
Hettinger County Sheriff’s Office                     Hettinger County Emergency Management
701-824-2935                                                              701-824-4227 or 701-209-0677