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Fire Danger Index/Burn Ban Information

The Hettinger County Commission, and the governing boards of the cities, may declare a ban or fire restriction on open burning when emergency conditions exist.  The burn ban and fire danger restriction is publicized in the local media, social media sites and is posted to the door of the Hettinger County Courthouse. Copies of the proclamation are kept on file in the Sheriff's office, county Emergency Managers or city Auditor's office.  When a ban/restriction on open burning is in effect, any person who willfully violates the ban may be subject to a class B misdemeanor charge (NDCC section 37-17.1-10.1).  The ban/restriction may include the use of fireworks. Controlled Burn procedure to be followed for burning while the restriction is in effect. 

Burn Ban/Fire Restriction Controlled Burn Procedure

While the county is under a BURN BAN/FIRE RESTRICTION Declaration, the Controlled Burn Procedure is in place.

Being under the BURN BAN/FIRE RESTRICTION means, that burning is allowed ONLY when the Fire Danger Index Rating is in LOW or MODERATE. There is no burning of any kind when the State Fire Danger Rating Index is in HIGH, VERY HIGH, EXTREME or a RED FLAG WARNING.  Be aware that conditions can change and any time someone burns, precautions need to be set in place to ensure a fire does not get out of control. You must remain on location of the fire at all times, while the fire is burning.  The Burn Ban/Fire Restrictions & Fire Danger Rating Map are both found on  The site is updated every morning.

Controlled Burn Procedure for those who want to have a controlled burn on their property.  You need to contact State Radio at either 1-800-472-2121 or 1-701-328-9921 before you begin to burn and provide the following information:
     1.   Name
     2.   The location where the burning is taking place
     3.   What is being burned: fields, garbage pit, tree piles, etc 
     4.   What time you plan to burn
     5.   How long you expect it will take to burn.
     6.   A contact number where you can be reached.

The Sheriff’s Office or Fire Dept.  is then notified of the location of the burn.  The Sheriff’s Office will contact the fire chief of that district to let them know where the burn is located. This allows State Radio to know there is a controlled burn and if someone calls stating that they see a large fire or smoke, State Radio knows that is the area of the controlled burn and will not call the fire departments unnecessarily.  This procedure ensures our volunteer fire departments are not called unless there is a real emergency. Once the fire is out, contact State Radio again to inform them the fire is completely out.

The ND Game & Fish Department may post signs banning open burning (campfires) in Wildlife Management Areas when emergency conditions exist.  Any person who violates a posted regulation in a Wildlife Management Area may be subject to a citation.
Open burning is automatically prohibited when the Fire Danger Rating Index is in the HIGH, VERY HIGH, EXTREME or RED FLAG WARNING category as issued by the National Weather Service (NDAC section 33-15-04-02).   National Weather Service - Bismarck

Fire Danger Awareness  ND Department of Emergency Services
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