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All applications can be found on the North Dakota Tax office website

  • Application for Abatement
  • Application For Classification as Inundated Agricultural Land
  • Application for Disabled Veterans Property Tax Credit
  • More Information on the Disabled Veterans Property Tax Credit
  • Application for Property Tax Exemption
  • Application For Exemption Of Solar, Wind, or Geothermal Devices
  • Application for Farm Residence Exemption
  • Application for Homestead Credit for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons
  • More Information on the Homestead Property Tax Credit
  • Application for Renter's Property Tax Refund
  • More Information on the Renter's Refund
  • Application for Mobile Homes County Registration
  • Application For Property Tax Exemption For Improvements To Commercial And Residential Buildings
  • Statement of Real Estate Full Consideration
  • Statement of Manufactured Home Full Consideration