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The Hettinger County Commissioners are soliciting bids for the maintenance of the Alden Cemetery located in the southwest corner of SW1/4  of 14-135-95 Hettinger County, ND. The expectations of the commissioners are as follows:

1. Successful bidder must supply his or her own equipment, fuel, oil and tools.
2. At a minimum, grass should be cut within one week prior to Memorial Day, around July 4th and again around Labor Day. Grass should not be cut more than five (5) times annually without authorization from the Commissioner of the center district of the county.
3. Grass should be trimmed around headstones, structures and fences. 
4. Bids should be submitted on a "Per Operation" basis - $XXXX for each time the cemetery is mowed so that, should the cemetery require more than three operations, the price is already determined. 
5. A separate bid on a per time basis for the trimming and tilling of the trees may also be submitted at the same time. 
6. Bids should be delivered to the Hettinger County Auditor, 336 Pacific Ave Mott, ND 58646 marked "Alden Cemetery Bid", no later than 3:00 p.m. April 9th, 2024. 
7. Bids will be opened at the Hettinger County Commissioners regular meeting on April 10th, 2024.
8. Bids will be accepted from individuals and organizations. 

Hettinger County reserves the right to reject any or all bids, waive any irregularities in the bidding process, and to award the bids in the interest of Hettinger County.
Hettinger County is an equal opportunity provider.